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The People's War in Perú Archive

Information about the Communist Party of Perú (PCP)

Picture of Marx, Lenin & Mao

Documents by and about the PCP

People's War Frequently Asked Questions (1998 Update)

La realidad peruana y preguntas frecuentes sobre la Guerra Popular (FAQ en español)

Introduction to the People's War/ Introducción a la Guerra Popular (English/Español)

August 1998 issue of "The New Flag" Magazine

About President Gonzalo

PCP Documents in English

Documentos del PCP en español

EL DIARIO (español), Lima-Perú

EL DIARIO (Special English Edition), Lima-Perú

EL PERÚ EN GRÁFICO (Aventuras de Doña Llama) y Caricaturas Políticas

August 1997 issue of The New Flag" Magazine

January 1997 issue of The New Flag Magazine

Back issues of The New Flag Magazine

Comunicados del MPP

Human Rights and People's Rights

Polemics and Opinions by MPP and Readers

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